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Supposedly, talk radio megamouth Rush Limbaugh is the best weapon Democrats have. Democratic strategists James Carville and Paul Begala said they discovered in polls conducted last fall that Limbaugh was unpopular, particularly among young people. Even more unpopular than Jeremiah Wright.

So, when Limbaugh famously said recently that he wanted President Barack Obama to fail, they figured they hit the motherlode. Unpopular radio guy attacks incredibly popular president. Put it out there, call Limbaugh the real leader of the Republican Party and watch the GOP brand sink into oblivion.

Well, maybe. But, maybe not. It is possible just possible that the reason so many people, especially young people, don like Limbaugh is because they have never really listened to him. They have seen and heard only the caricature, only selected soundbites from his sworn enemies, only the venom coming from the Bill Mahers and Keith Olbermans of the world, who don have an audience even close to that of Limbaugh

So, the more they promote what they believe are the missteps of the Great Satan of the Right, the more likely it is that everybody, including young people, will hear more than a soundbite. They might actually hear what he says in context. They may realize that, agree with him or not, he puts forth his views in coherent ways. That his attack on the president is about his policies, and is not personal. That his wanting Obama agenda to fail is no different than Democrats wanting President Bush reform of Social Security to fail. That he has the guts to speak plainly, unfiltered by all the handlers and scripters that now surround Obama, just as they surrounded Bush and every other president of the modern era.

In short, Carville, Begala and the rest of the Obamanites might expand Limbaugh prodigious audience even further. They might not want that for a guy who could crush them both in a debate without breaking a sweat.

Right on again Mr Amerding. When armed with facts there is little the democrat propaganda people can do but bluster. I am not particulary enamoured of Limbaugh however the few times i heard him, it is clear that he usually speaks from the facts. I am also amused at the fuss from the propaganda machine about the name of Obama health care plan. If they want to call it the George Bush Memorial Health Care Plan that all right with me. Except for the term memorial it should be considered a tribute to long term nothing, but rant Senator Kennedy.

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