Rolex oyster perpetual pearlmaster watches

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3Rolex launched oyster perpetual pearlmaster and this watch equipped with 34 gems and has three styles: 18ct gold, black gold and eternal rose gold. Rolex watch making technology was combined with dazzling gold and pure sparkling diamond. The diamond inlay technology of Rolex has excellent standard and laid the extraordinary leadership of Rolex in the watch industry.

The new watches of rolex in 2014 Basel Watch Fair: Rolex oyster perpetual Cosmograph Daytona.
The diameter of this watch is 34mm, exquisite dial plate covered with small diamonds. The 18ct gold outer ring with a square cut Pink Sapphire, but the 18ct white gold decorated with square cut sapphire so let the watch looks full of the noble temperament. As for the watch which is made of 18ct eternal rose gold, on the 18 ct white gold outer ring inlay rounded diced diamond. All of Rolex watches looks Beautiful and elegant. such as rolex sea dweller replica

Rolex – the master of gem mounting
Only the best quality gems can match with Rolex watches. All of the diamonds and sapphires for Rolex has pure quality and pass the most stringent standard selection. Then according the perfect traditional inlay technology by Rolex watchmaker to show the brightest light; Rolex has its own gems laboratory, the experienced experts use the most advanced equipment according the most rigorous standards to control the quality of the gems. In fact, just one percent of diamonds conform to the standards of Rolex in the world. Then, these gems handed over to the master of gem mounting, the master with their professional skills to enhance their natural shine. Rolex use the pure materials of 18 ct gold, black gold or eternal rose gold to make the unique alloy in their exclusive foundry. From cast, moulding to polishing, the whole process proceed within their brand factory to make sure can reach the quality standard of replica diamond rolex. Depend on the brand fully grasp the technology and the strict standards during the each production phase, Rolex watches can emit extraordinary splendid light.

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