pixie lott angers Thai fans with fake Rolex comment

Friday 16 August 2013 - Filed under Replica Rolex

Lady Gaga wants to buy in Bangkok for a fake Rolex.

vocalist made the comment to her 24 million Twitter followers, Sparking an online uproar Thursday in Thailand where some fans called it a problem, Insulting and bad for the country’s image.

Lady Gaga posted her tweet after her private jet arrived Wednesday night: “I just found in Bangkok baby! are you ready for 50,000 shouting Thai monsters. I wanna get lost in a lady market and buy fake Rolex,

It is unknown what a “Lady area of interest” Is but some Thai fans assumed she meant the most popular outdoor Ladies Market in Hong Kong, Where she already toured and also eyed the posh knockoffs.

“i love this city, She tweeted April 30 after picking a Hong Kong spin class. “You can work out buy a fake Birkin on a single street,

only some Thai fans objected to the offcolour comment. A screaming mob greeted Lady Gaga at edinburgh airport. locations thronged her hotel, Where she signed athletes and hugged one female fan who left in tears. players have camped outside Rajamangala stadium for days, Hoping to be first inside and win the prize of meeting the pop star physically.

If pixie lott does have time to shop in Bangkok, She’ll see that the city has more to offer than just fake watches, Thai fan Nont Armarttasn sarcastically noted on his facebook game page.

“Welcome to the land of fake products, companionship, he was quoted saying. “I’m sure there are many fake Gaga CDs, as well,actually,

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