Money can’t buy a passionate family

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with Madonna to “Brangelina, Rainbow families are “with regard to,

And at the weekend break, Pop experience and confessed “irritated old man, 62yearold Sir Elton John jumped on the let’sbreakallrulesandgetourselvesa baby bandwagon by professing a desire for adopting a Ukrainian baby who “borrowed his heart,

In Ukraine to support the point children’s charity EveryChild, Sir Elton was working Circle of Life at an orphanage, associated with his longtime partner, 46yearold David adorn.

It was there the knight in shining Armani was introduced to cuteasabutton, 14monthold Lev. Sir Elton spoke out about desperate to adopt the little boy, even though that in the past he has said raising children, let alone adoption, wasn’t on his agenda.

vocalist said: “David always aspired to adopt a child and I always said no because I am 62 and I think, Because of the travelling I do and also the life I have, Maybe it wouldn’t be fair for the child,

merchandise online, the actual paleskinned, Gapsmiled toddler was placed in his arms and the man once known as Reginald Dwight was smitten, speaking: “seeing Lev today, I would die to adopt him. He has stolen my heart. I’ve changed my thoughts today,

Does Sir Elton recognise that adopting a child is not like buying a car? He can’t take it back if getting older drive well. it comes with no guarantees or warranties except a lifetime of commitment, strive and love.

i’m sure being swept off your feet by love at first sight but I think he should get a puppy first. essentially.

I know this sounds harsh but not only is Elton old enough to be the infant’s grandfather, His change of mind is sudden if quite acceptable. Swept along in a tide of empathy for the plight of the youngsters orphaned by AIDS and HIV, it’s easy to make big statements and announce good intentions. No one doubts his heart’s in the best place now but what about tomorrow? As they know, “Sorry seems the hardest word,

As it takes place, Ukraine’s Family Ministry has since ruled out any adoption because the singer is not for the most part married and they will not recognise his marriage to Furnish.

But what about other superstars?

The ugly truth about blonde actor Katherine Heigl is that she too has leaked to the media her goal to adopt a South Korean girl named Nayleigh. her very own sister, megabites, Is from mexico, So in some ways the perfect natural process for the star who has chosen, As one writer punned, Not to use her own anatomy to commence a family.

But it’s for Mr and Ms Public, me and you, To sit back and listen to a new one bleeding heart celebrity not only walk away with an adorable child but make the entire process the centre of a media and political storm, One in which exceptions are made and rules broken if you have the right amount of star status. These make the adoptions look like little more than a giant advertising exercise.

As the sister of an followed child, I know what my stepmother and father experienced to finally get my brother. It was years of job interviews, Tests and hopes built and shattered.

at that time, Our fabulous boy arrived.

there was clearly no queuejumping, No flash of promotion just like most adoptions, this sort of among stars such as Hugh Jackman and DeborraLee Furness, Meg thomas, Ewan McGregor and Julie Andrews among other things. It was subtle and private. A real family affair.

Is celebrity adoption a growing trend or is it the way it’s reported on tv? obviously, We need ideas the full story, Only what we read and see and many of us find that both puzzling and troubling that because some people have fame and buckets of money they can transcend the laws that apply to everyone else.

Reports are now emerging that Ethiopian kids are being exploited by US adoption agencies. At least 70 adoption agencies have set up business in Ethiopia about 30 children from that troubled country leaving each week for a new home and new parents.

For the chosen small children, It’s easy to imagine their life in a celebrity’s family instead of the stark reality of those left behind. And we wish them the practical benefits, Not of the fabric things their successful new parents will no doubt lavish upon them, But the love and guidance of an operating family who chose them.

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