How To Share Relationship Roles

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´╗┐How To Share Relationship Roles

Women played the role of housekeeper, cook, nanny, dishwasher, dietitian, gardener, tutor, and so on. She was responsible for taking care of the household and children. Her role was defined around sensitivity and understanding.

Men played the role of financial provider, accountant, handyman, referee, manager, and so on. He was responsible for having a career and making decisions. His role was defined around aggression and logic.

The historical definition created many stumbling blocks. The roles were rigid and restrictive, and created a strong division between spouses. This separated the couple and led to a lack of sharing, less intimacy, lower selfesteem and relationship satisfaction, more hostility and stress, and feelings of rejection, aloneness and imbalance.

Are Attitudes and Expectations Changing?

In a survey (Thornton, 1997) of 555 married couples, the findings showed that women still bear almost all of the responsibility for housework. Even if a husband believes he should share responsibility for cooking, doing the laundry, and shopping for groceries, shared responsibility is more of an ideal than a reality. Women who work fulltime still do the majority of housework. Women do 66%, while men do 13% of the housework.

Women’s Contribution to the Problem

Studies show that many women do not want to give up control they have in the home. They may have a hard time surrendering some of their responsibilities to their husbands because so much of their identity is tied to home and children, just as a man’s identity is stereotypically tied to his work. Many men find that when they try to do their share of housework and childcare, they are often critiqued and judged by their wives to the point of feeling discouraged.

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