How do you tell if a Rolex watch is real

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´╗┐How do you tell if a Rolex watch is real

To tell if a Rolex is real or fake:

1. Easiest way is to look at the “caseback” if it is skeletonised or see through it is obviously a fake, Rolex did not make their watches that way with the exception of a watch that was made in the 30’s but never went into production.

3. The second hand on a real Rolex sweeps around the clock, fakes tick, be careful to watch though cause some good fakes will tick at 8 times per second and you will hardly notice.

4. Look at the serial between the lugs on top the watch. Check the serial in an internet search or with a reputable dealer. Also notice if the serial ends in a 14 or 18 indicating the weight of the gold used in the watch.

5. On a real Rolex the bezel will spin counterclockwise for 120 clicks, just count it a quarter of the way and see if it’s 30 clicks then multiply 30 x 4 = 120.

6. Rolexes have a triple crown stamp on the end of the dial. Also where it says Swiss Made is basically right under the bezel on the bottom of the face. The date magnification on a real Rolex will be magnified at 2.5x and fakes are usually at 1.5x.

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