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´╗┐Daytona Replica

It is without doubt that the Daytona Replica is ranked as the most desired of Rolex’s replica watches. This is thanks to the finesse which the replica makers have achieved in cloning the original Daytona. This makes even the veteran experts fumble while spotting the differences between a real and a replica piece.

The only way to distinguish a Daytona authentic against a Daytona replica is the price tag, and you have to thank the girl at the sales counter for her honesty! (She has to be honest, otherwise customers will turn away!) Or, if you are at a website selling the replica watches, you have to admire the professionalism these guys bring to their job.

Talk of a genuine “Rolex Replica”! There are businesses that do a quick fix job of producing the replicas, and in their hurry they overlook the subtle features that make a genuine Rolex piece stand out. For example, look out for the hologram sticker (in green) on the back cover of the watch. Also look out for the world famous crown logo engraving on the watch’s stem. The guys are so professional that you actually need the original Rolex toolbox to even open the piece!

Shift your glance to the sapphire. A genuine sapphire has a high surface tension, which means that if you smear a drop of water on its surface, within no time the smear will fold itself into the form of a drop, leaving the rest of the surface dry. Try this small experiment, and verify for yourself that the “Rolex replica” is indeed “genuine”!

A Daytona Rolex Replica has Japanese automatic movement embedded in it, and this is one of the reasons why its cost is so low. This also means that the system has a beat lower than the standard Rolex 28,800 BPH. This is quite okay, considering that there is nothing sacrosanct about this figure; lower figures can and do work equally well, thank you.

Shift your attention to the dial and you cannot but admire the look and feel of the original Daytona dial being replicated here to the last dimple. The red dial and the three sub dials can make anybody go gaga at the watch, as well as the watchwearer! Switch off the light, and see the face of your admirer in the glow of the Luminox markers.

If you are really holding a goodquality Daytona Replica, you should be able to see the perfect alignment of the Cyclops over the date. You also cannot but observe the smooth edges of the numbers on the date wheel it is not for nothing that these replicas are giving sleepless nights to the employees of Rolex company up there in Switzerland!

The solid stainless steel of the Daytona replica rolex watch case and the bracelet strap can stand on its own against the CNC machining and milling that the authentic pieces go through at Rolex. Not only does the steel protect the watch against any shocks, but also gives the chronometer that rugged, robust look which separates it from the rest of the crowd.

If money is an issue for you, and if you are in the market for that classic and elegant touch to your personality, then go for the Rolex Daytona Replica. Take my word, they are worth every dollar you invest!

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