Compression fracture of L1 in my spine

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´╗┐Compression fracture of L1 in my spine

Grrrr, my 2 horse ride of the year this year, the fall ended up causing a compression fracture in my spine. I kept resting after the fall, figured that 2 weeks, it should feel better than it was feeling. He wouldn’t touch me without xrays, which I was really impressed with him. xrays showed up a compession fracture, but couldn’t tell when it happened without an MRI. But knowing exactly where it hurts right after the fall my pain specialist pressed exactly where it hurts which is exactly where the xray says the fracture is.

Have an appointment with an ortho next week to talk to about any treatment if it’s worthwhile. They do an injection of a kind of cement to stabilize the fracture.

My back feels like a huge pressure no pain because of the pain medication I’m on for the migraines. Going to make doing the decorations for the Rolex eventing show this month a bit difficult, but will try to do the light weight stuff.

At least it’s not a fractured hip like I dealt with quite a few years ago after a fall off my horse.

Heading for bed trying to get comfortable for a few hours.

Wondering if anyone has had a similar compression fracture gone through the injection?

I have LOTS of spinal problems, and I’ve had lots of injections but not the “cement.” I have had the epidural steroid injections, and they never worked they don’t work for alot of people. I have heard about this “cement” and I certainly hope this works for YOU. I did land very hard this time, so it makes sense that there would be a fracture. Shoot, medicare doesn’t deal with dental my dental situation is more needing care than this.

The fracture should heal in 46 weeks but not sure what residual issues it will leave. Know that in the cold winter hot humidity in the summer lets me know which hip I fractured.

I vaguelly recall having steroid injection for my L5/L6 a few years ago. I think that’s what it’s called.

Anyway the injection didn’t really do anything to ease my pain. But, I think that I’m pretty medicationresistant. Pain meds have rarely ever helped me, despite the injuries. Physical therapy was the biggest help for me. And time. Both were needed for the swelling in my spinal cord to ease.

Don’t know if that helps you. Gentle hugs to you hope that you find some relief soon!

I’m feeling very frustrated at this time. I went to see an orthopedic spine specialist on Wednesday. He looked at the previous xrays then took xrays of his own (chalking up the $$$$ copays). What was previous 2030% is now 40% compression. It’s been almost 4 weeks since I fell, so it should have started to heal. Need to let my body heal without needing the procedure. He explained it as they put in needles from either side blow up balloon like things then inject the cement. Had to stop adding to my expenses with the DBT group.

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