Buying Rolex And Omega pieces

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Buying Rolex And Omega pieces

think carefully about what type of watch you want. If you live an active lifestyle then a gold dress watch may not be precisely what, Maybe a sports watch would be healthier. Do you require top notch accuracy, Then a quartz watch is going to serve you better than an analog one.

Always research before you buy, seek out a brand fully. Don’t be afraid to go into shops or talk to dealers about your preferences. They are exists for and offer advice. If you send an email I will answer any queries you have, I like to talk to fellow investors.

Spend as much as you really can afford. This allows you to buy a watch in better condition and with more service history. see a watch like a car. If you are spending top money you want full service background all the paperwork. Always overlooked get the box, If will not come with the watch, Source one following that, It will prove to add value to you watch.

Always check the history on, really Rolex models. most people are poorly sourced, They may be stolen or made up from pieces of other Rolex watches.

don’t use fakes, Only buy from identified and respected dealers. if you would like a Rolex check my link below and talk to dream watches. They are good friends of ours and will not steer you wrong.

Don’t worry of vintage watches. Many people are worried by real mechanical movemnets breaking and by plastic crystals and the lack of water proofing. To put these fears loosen up, Old mechanical movements do need looking after but they were built to last. Plastic crystals are cheap and easy to exchange or polish. To be honest I don’t recommend putting any watch in water except it is a divers watch. Even then however I recommend having it checked often to ensure the seals are still good.

Buy what you prefer. A high-priced watch does not equal a better watch. A rolex is a show piece. It does not tell the time half or a watch you could buy at any market for 3. But it gives you history, Fine craftmanship and a position on the wrist.

EBay is a great place to start looking and doing your research. Always try and buy on a own country. This avoids manners charges, Dodgy fakes from singapore and lots of poorly restored junk from latin America. only use PayPal,

Don’t take a look at Rolex, Omega watches are wonderful and so are Universal Geneve, Vacheron, Audemars and others.

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3. OMEGA Seamaster business 300m,stainless-steel Case Bracelet, Blue Dial And bezel, quartz, the Brosnan Bond watch. the automatic was only added in his second film. I was handed one for my 18th Birthday and even now it is my everyday watch.

4. Longines 1945 Tank solution, 14K gold Case, components dial, Longines 17 Jewel Manual Winding develpment cal. 9LT. natural leather Strap. a vintage dress watch, Yet being 14K gold not 18K is strong enough for daily wear. I was fortunate enough to be given one in Christmas 2005. I have since had it restored and it’s graces my wrist when I need something subtle.

5. Rolex Oyster continuous DayDate, 18K platnium Case And Bracelet, sparkling wine Dial, Roman numerals, the common Rolex 31 jewel auto movement.

Very gaudy, very expensive. I don’t wear mine commonly. wish to have a time for massive overstatement however.

6. worldwide Geneve TriCompax. s / s case. The worlds first produced in higher quantities complicated watch. Moonphase, Chronograph, Rare in a precious metal case, fantastic vintage classic.

7. Patek Phillipe 5036, Annual Calender, Solid 18K yellow gold case and bracelet. exhibition case back. This is the most wonderful new watch now available. It is however in excess of 23,000. It will confidently be my next purchase. After I have paid a commission for my wedding!

8. worldwide Geneve Golden Shadow. excellent 18K gold, white-coloured Dial, a classic, refined shape, exciting microrotor movement, noticeably thin case. The ultimate in understatement.

9. OMEGA Louis Brandt complication, very small run back in 1984. continuous calender movement. Solid 18K gold case. greatly expensive. A real mystery to behold.

10. rr Speedmaster Chronograph. “The Moon watch” This watch belonging to the OMEGA Cal. 861 movement is an all time icon of watchmaking. Just go and purchase one!

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