Becky Duncan Massey Wins GOP Nod in Senate place 6

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Becky Duncan Massey Wins GOP Nod in Senate place 6

Becky Duncan Massey rolled to functional win over two other women in the state Senate District 6 Republican primary in Tuesday’s special election for the seat vacated by former Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Jamie Woodson, report Jim Balloch. She said her focus and issues mainly jobs and the economy certainly are the same in the general election as it was in the primary.

“Nothing will certainly change, She assumed. “We’re just going to need to move forward and work hard,Massey use to have 49.35 pct to Roddy’s 38.91 percentage point. Victoria DeFreese suffered from 11.74 p’cent, in respect (Complete but unofficial outcome from) The Knox County Election hire.

“The voters have verbal, And I believe in the deal, DeFreese, 37, expressed.

She said that as a candidate she was annoyed in her showing, But that as a citizen she was even more angry in the low voter turnout.

Massey’s call campaign manager, dan Vaughan, Said the campaign hoped for a low voter turnout. “So we had people on i phone calling people all day, Urging the criminals to vote, he explained. “And we’ve had workers at each precinct and polling place,

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