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Bullock is interested in buying original and authentic pre-owned Cartier watches. If it does not work, no problem! We, as professionals, know how to make it work again. We will be happy to purchase your working or non-working Cartier watch right now. Please click here to receive your free quote Our dealers pay the highest prices for mens and ladies Cartier watches made prior to 1980. If you would like to sell a Cartier Tank, a Cartier Pasha, a Cartier Santos, or even a Cartier Chronograph watch, then contact us immediately by clicking here to receive your free quote

Good day, and thanks for stopping by our Fashion Watches Store on today. If you are new to Fashion Watches Store on be sure and check out our search engine and then come back again. Our job is to help shoppers find exactly what they are looking for online. In fact, our search engine is the real hero and does all the work for you. Our search engine is very special because it gathers lots of results for every term you search for. Buy It Now Add to watch list ART DECO 14K GOLD Diamond Ruby double Fur Clip BROOCH Pin Jewelry ESTATE PIECE $3,999.99

Here we have the replica Cartier Pasha Chronograph in 42mm and its replica so that we can clearly see the differences between them. There are three main differences between these two watches, but it’s nothing extremely noticeable. The first noticeable difference is on the crown; the crown on both watches features a beautiful blue jewel but it seems that the design on the replica is a bit different as the jewel is less pointy than the jewel on the original watch, which is quite flat. Buy It Now Add to watch list Art Deco c1920s 10ct DIAMOND PLATINUM BROOCH PIN DOUBLE CLIP HAIR CLIPS $8,700.00

When great men tell you that ideas are sometimes best born on the backs of restaurant napkins, they might actually be thinking about a balmy afternoon in Paris circa 1904. Then, a young Deutsch Prize winning aviator complained to compadre Louis Cartier that pocket watches are a tad dangerous when both hands are needed to pilot aircraft (there were no avionics in the nineteen aughts, everything was manual). Cartier created the Santos-Dumont with a simple leather strap and buckle and they say the rest is history. EXCELLENT CONDITION, WORKING, KEEPING TIME, DISCONTINUED MODEL & VERY RARE AND VERY HARD TO FIND. NO BOX AND NO PAPER

And speaking of rare and collectable, on the top left is a 1970s Omega Ploprof (Plongeur Professional), the same model Jacques Cousteau wore—the epitome of a “tool watch” (designed strictly for a job or function). Next to it is a more ubiquitous 1968 Omega Speedmaster. The Speedmaster is also known as the Moon Watch because with NASA’s endorsement it was the first watch worn on the moon and still is the only watch qualified for EVA Buy It Now Add to watch list Authentic TIFFANY CO 18K Yellow Gold Double Heart Garnet Brooch Pin NEW $2,150.00

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